UE4 - Student Project - Meiyo

Like my college from School (Link to their project), this is a project that I had to release over the course of the semester by myself.

Same goal, recreate en environment with 25 asset (4 tree, 5 rocks, 2 clutter, 3 plants, 2 bush, 5 props, 2 fx, etc)

Edit: Here’s the video

Really incredible work especially factoring in the 25 asset limit.

Thanks Steve, we didn’t had any limit of asset for the architecture other than the time left between our homeworks (which wasn’t a lot lol). But making them modular and using spline with blueprint made my job easier!

Thanks for the clarification. The architecture work is really well done in any regards!

thanks, tim hobson was really quick on helping me with the blueprint and with importing apex files inside unreal.

Nice work! Looks fantastic, and interesting project restraint.

Loved that Chinese style, it was very close :slight_smile:
The only thing I didn’t like actually was the terrain, it looked weird :confused:


it’s not the terrain, it’s my asset. I used the landscape for the flat part (unless it’s that that you find weird), but used the rock to build the mountain…and i’m really, but really not good to make rock lol. Now that i’m in vacation, i’ll take some time to redo the rock

And some people keep saying that it look Chinese instead of Japanese, why :stuck_out_tongue: