UE4 Student Project | "God Left Me"

Hi everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you our university project using UE4.

The premise:
A priest who has been battling a demon enters a grand cathedral, the last safe haven still standing, in an effort to get away.

More on the project and the team:
We had 7 weeks to complete the project in which we had to create our own interpretation of a chase scene. The team consisted of 7 students from the NAD in Montreal, Canada.

Please enjoy a video and some screenshots below!

The “God Left Me” team.










Wow that’s really cool student project you guys have there :slight_smile:
Nice art and nice setup.
Congrats on finishing it.

wow that’s amazing.

compliments :wink:

Download link?

7 weeks and you got playable, nice-looking demo. Amazing job!

Looks awesome! Great job!

Amazing work PatrickAnim and in only 7 weeks! I was on edge the entire video. Keep up the great work and I hope to see new projects from your team and yourself in the future! Have a great day!

Impressive! I just showed it off to the rest of the room. They liked it, too! :smiley:

The environment and FX are stunning, though the animation spoils it a bit. Been looking at attempting to do a cathedral for a while but I might skip out on that now haha.

Also the benches raising into the air made me jump, that’s gotta be good!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

As I was the animator on this project, I realize that there is much room for improvement and I appreciate everyone being so polite about the fact that it clearly is the weak point of the project :slight_smile: That being said, it is obvious that more time would have greatly benefited the overall polish and appeal of the animations but hopefully, the quality will increase for the next project. There was a bit of a learning curve since this was the first time any of us had used UE4, but as you can see, from an environment perspective at least, the engine enabled us to achieve a very nice result quite quickly.

I would also like to add that the documentation and support provided for UE4 is absolutely fantastic and it makes using the engine for the first time much more enjoyable! So thank you to the whole Unreal team for this amazing work.

Again, we appreciate all the nice comments and are already gearing up to start the second project of our semester (another 7 weeks) so stay tuned for more!

Really awesome work! The environment looks amazing and so do the effects. I do agree with James on the animation though. Other than that, amazing work! :smiley:

P.S.: I would like, totally play this if this was turned into a full game. :wink:

Very nice! That church almost looks like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, church.

Please download link.

That looks awesome!

Comment ça déchire! Très beau boulot, les mecs!

technical wise, I wonder how that inky darkness is done. I’ve tried playing with the smoke, but I couldn’t get a result like that.

Freaking beautiful! Well done!

Amazing student project, congratulations for the cool work

More like the Cathedral of Sins that someone made for CE3. Both are great works, I personally prefer this one (mostly because I hate Crytek even though that has nothing to do with the artist), I think yours has a lot more color and lot more excellent use of colors (a la color theory). Great job

Wow, i just opened this thread and my mouth went open, screaming “OH MY GOD” xD

That looks really nice!

Bravo à vous! :slight_smile: