UE4 Student Project | "Don't Feed The Bear"

Hey guys!
I’m sharing the end result of the amazing time i’ve spent with my vibrant team.
We had 7 weeks to create a fully playable chase scene with the subject of our choice.
Our team is constituted of 6 students from the in Montréal and one sound designer from .

I hope you have as much fun watching this as we had making it!


A veteran scout flees his camp when he his startled by the sudden appearance of a wild bear. Oddly, the bear, enamored by the scout’s great looks and cooking skills, has other things on his mind. …Watch to find out what happens!



will you uncover all the mysteries hidden on Bear’s Peak?

Excellent art work!! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Very nice i need this :slight_smile:

Fantastic work Xiranos! Are you planning on releasing this project at any point? I really like the concept of the game. Keep up the great work and have a great day!

Looks great :slight_smile:

wow! fantastic!

at last something original! Not some yet another commandos or zombie running through city. It is absolutely fantastic! Love it. Make sure you will release it.

This is so good! haha. I really like that art direction.

I love it, very good works.

This is awesome! Every single project I’ve seen from the so far is just amazing! This is A+++++ worthy. :smiley:

That visual style and animation is absolutely delightful and charming, well done!

Very nice! One suggestion: Perhaps you should move the came up facing down, when the character walks over a tree of tiny bridges. :wink:

Besides some ugly looking foliage materials this looks absolutely awesome. Love the art style!

Love the bright warm colours, and those wacky animations… fantastic lol

Great stylized art!

This looks amazing !!! I love the art :wink:

Just awesome keep work up!