UE4 Student project - Asian Temple

Hello ! I present a project for a university course I had this semester, I needed to make an environment with 25 assets in Unreal Engine 4 :slight_smile: hope you like it !

Very nice, especially considering that this was a one man job! How many assets, if any, did you create?

Thanks Steve !
I created 21 assets from scratch, the others were FX of clouds, fire and water that I took from the content browser in unreal 4 ! Like the Skysphere and the landscape from unreal. The assets that I created was 5 rocks, 4 trees, 3 big ‘‘plants’’, 2 bushes, 1 Temple, 1 demolish temple, 1 Tori gate, 1 stone lantern, 1 Buddhist statue and 2 clutter of grass (I did fail those haha) I don’t know if the picture I put will appear in the comment. It was the first time I was doing level art (I still have a lot to learn :P), it was the final project of a course at NAD (’‘Scénographie d’un niveau de jeu’’ we needed to make a good composition with generic assets) !


Good taff! noce concept.
Bon boulot le FR! :smiley:

I like the music: Ayaaaayaaaayaaeeeeyaaa :smiley:

Great work on your custom created assets -they look professional!

Thanks Zahir3D :smiley: Yeh I love the music too ^^

Thank you Steve, It’s really appreciated ! ^^