UE4 steam Leaderboard BP integration


This pack will support you to integration steam leaderboard to your game with BP without any knowledge in C++

  • Important note : the code of the leaderboard should rune once peer game session either at the end of the game when the player finish the level and get his final score or in main menu to upload and show the high score once peer game session.
  • You don’t need any C++ knowledge but you still need to have Visual studio to compile the project .
    *This might not be the best way to add steam leaderboard but it works fine if you don’t know any C++ :slight_smile:

Technical Details:
48min Video tutorial show you How to:
-add Leaderboard in steam work site for your app id
-integrate steam SDK to your project
-Run the sample project which you can build your game on it .

  • Migrate the codes from the sample project to your game project to add Steam Leaderboard feature to your game .

  • Switch UE4 version for the sample project to be used in another version of the engine .

  • One project samples contain full functional level with steam leaderboard global and friends working .
    UE4 version tested : UE4 version tested : 4.13, 4.15, 4.16, 4.17, 4.18, 4.19

Number of Actors: 3 main BPactor
Number of widget : 2 main widget
Intended Platform:PC
Platforms Tested:PC
Documentation Included: (Yes\No) Yes video tutorial
Platforms tested:Windows

Released in sellfy with 9.99$

Please let me know if you have any question or problem in this Thread .

Edit 2018/June/11: sample 4.16, 4.17 , 4.18 & 4.19 added and supported.

Link pls thanks!

Already added check the last line on sellfy .


@Tim_Anderson , Is this being updated at all? I am ready to purchase, but, wanted to know if you have updated it from, ‘should work with 4.15’ to ‘works with 4.15 and above’.

I bought your package. I was wondering how I can fix crashing if i want to send scores a second time. I see you noted this code only can run once per game session. But in my game, I need it to happen more than once. Suggestions?

Hi Unfamillia
Sorry for the late replay, i didn’t get notification. The code should work with any version as the package show how to implement the “Source Code” to your project and since i don’t own the source code i am not selling it, i only charge for the video i made to support you on how to implement the leaderboard and since i added a small change to the code to make it easier to to work with i added it to the package. in simple words if you follow the tutorial on the package you should able to implement it in any version of the UE4 project version.

Edit : OK i just tried 4.16 and it works but you need to make a small change which i posted in the main post with * mark as steam SDK updated after 4.15, please check it.

HI soyhann
Regarding **“send scores a second time” **at the same session, this is one of the limitation of the code right now sorry (i can’t remember right now since its been long time but i think if you restart your level which the code is implemented in it , itshould work) , in case the package didn’t help you and you like to get a refund let me know.

Restarting level doesn’t help.
If I set a higher score then it again works for one time.
If I close and reopen Steam application then it works again, once.
There is SteamAPI_Shutdown which also doesn’t help.
I have been trying to get this working for 3 weeks and I still couldn’t find a solution.

I experimented with restarting the level.
I try getting the scores, then after I get correct score or I get 0 I restart
1 out of 10 times it works. It is very random. I don’t get it.

Do you get same problem with the sample project i provided? if not then check how i fixed this issue in the sample project as i made a branch to keep checking till it read the leader board successfully, so the code will try to get the score till the default value change, the default value is “–”. i attached an image showing the retry for the original question why it can’t get the score from the first time i don’t know as as said above this code i modified version and i don’t own the source code and i only charged here for the tutorial i made as i spent months on making it work on my game and i thought i share it with small fee and help others,I wish if Epic just integrate it themselves and relief us from this painful process.

Btw this fix the issue of the score reading if i understood you correctly not the issue of reading/righting the score more than once at the same session. if you need to read/wright the score then you need to restart your level by reopening it with “open level” so you have to read/right your score at the end of the game (level1) and get back to the main menu (level2) then the player play again (level1) he will able to read/wright new score.

Yeah this actually worked. I don’t know why sometimes it needs to try 20 times. But at least most of the time after trying a couple of times, it gets the scores. Thank you so much

Glade it worked, and my pleasure :slight_smile:

hey, has this been tested with 4.19 with changing that steamv139? and what about engine version, does this need source version or is launcher one enough? thanks.

Sample 4.16, 4.17 , 4.18 & 4.19 added and supported.

I just made a [FEATURE REQUEST] please guys go and vote and comment so epic can relief us from this painful process.

4.20 has leaderboard fixes and additional implementations.

Do you mean we can now implement steam leaderboard with 4.20? that would be great news.

@Tim_Anderson , is this no longer available? I tried to purchase on Selfy last night. I tried a lot of times and each time, PayPal refunded the money.

Hi, Its the problem if your account with PayPal, its new PayPal policy if your account is not verified it you can’t purchase stuff from some of the sites. but still you can send cash to friends so you need to send it via email. PM and i will give you my PayPal email address with code that will let you purchase from Selfy .

How bizarre,

I use PayPal for a LOT of other sites and have never had a problem before.

Send me the details of what you need me to do and I will get the money over. I assume this still works for 4.19?



Yeah just checked my email seems its sellfy issue and not related to your PayPal account as i thought.
Last time i checked it was working with 4.19.
Sent you the code in PM check it please.