UE4 Steam Advanced Session Creation Failure

Hello hello.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been delving into implementing the Steam Plugins into my game to make it multiplayer ready.
After watching many tutorials and reading many articles, I think I have the general gist of how it all works. However, I have stumbled into an issue that I can’t seem to fix.

The problem I have it that when I create an advanced session (called only once, not multiple times), it doesn’t succeed. The log prints this out:

Warning: OSS: Async task 'FOnlineAsyncTaskSteamCreateLobby bWasSuccessful: 0 LobbyId: 0 LobbyType: 2 Result: '15' k_EResultAccessDenied (access denied)' failed in 0.365686 seconds

This occurs when in packaged form / standalone game form, and not when in viewport. However, I am trying to get the servertravel command to work to transport players from the lobby to the actual game map, and i believe this will only work when packaged or in standalone form.

After tinkering, I’ve found that this only happens when Presence is being used on the session, but if I untick it, my client can’t find the server on the server browser. I’m actually boggled as to why this is occurring, because when I began, I could set up a session and have a client join just fine, and I haven’t edited the engine file or any of the other VS files.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks <3

PS, mind the dumb username, I did try to change it but apparently it hasn’t updated yet on the forums…

i have the same issue ,Did you fix it?