[UE4]Static Meshes painted as Foliage on a Landscape to "Moveable, with cascaded shadows"?

^Title. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Cascaded Shadow Maps will be cast from all objects, regardless of their mobility settings, as long as they have “Cast Dynamic Shadows” enabled. Is there something more specific you need?

well, i’m completely lost in UE4, i don’t remember where: “moveable” setting is, and how to locate it, including what i need to select to see it (world components, i get that part, but do i select the foliage object, the landscape, or,etc.?), and same for “Cast Dynamic Shadows”

Thank you, that is useful :wink:

Ok, found it in World Components, it’s not a regular tick box, it is an option for Static, Moveable, and something, i am doing 20 things at once, so it IS in there, and moveable is selected, and cast shadows, etc, are set, Thanks for the advice.