Ue4 Split Screen How To Cast To Other Player

Ok I’m trying to make a game where when I punch the other character it does damage to a specific point. The problem is, when I say if punch is true and collision is touching arm of other character do damage, its damaging itself. How do I make it so that it only detects when the other players punch is true and also ignore its own collision? I know its hard to understand but any advice you give will help!

Ok, I’m going to try to get the player Id as a variable and when i cast to the other players collision check if the player id equals the variable. If so don’t do anything otherwise damage. Hopefully it works!

Hum… so, you have the same BP for both characters right?

if that’s the case, yes some ID checking is the best logical way.
The overlap/collision will happen on both characters and you will be colliding an arm with whatever, so if your script just applies damage on collision, it makes sense.

Generally, in fighter games the collision only goes one way during the attack for the arm. So it can only ever damage and not receive damage.

While I don’t regard that as a good practice, you could swap out the type of collision during the attack to achieve a similar result.
Then the BP instances should work as instances and no longer conflict anyway.