UE4 Source?

Hi, on website wrt:

I want to know if when I buy UE4 I have a C++ Source for a MMORPG. Because, momentanly I work to a MMORPG (@$!# graphics) uith Granny Engine. Or possible to port code (Python) to UE4.

Yes, you get the full C++ source of UE, when you subscribe. You’ll also get updates and content examples for one month. When your subscription expires, you can continue using your copy of the engine, but you won’t get any updates, until you subscribe again.

With full source access you can pretty much do any game you’d like. But an MMO is a huge project. Unless you already have a big team and enough founding, I’d recommend starting with a smaller project.

But can I port my game (in c++ and python) to UE4?
I want to upgrade only graphics.


Another MMORPG guy lol ! no offence :slight_smile:

i have a related question,
let’s say that i begin a subscription in january to get the engine and unsubscribe after that
i may use UE4 just for fun, i have a childhood dream somwhere in my brain, and i may work on a project occasionally in my spare time .

what happen if i want to subscribe again let’s say in december, did i get the updates only for that month or for all the year

This has been asked a dozen times already. With an active subscription you can download the latest versions of the engine binary, source and content examples. Without an active subscription, you can keep using whatever you’ve downloaded during your subscription previously.

Hard to tell, without knowing the project. You should know best. If your game was written in C++, you can probably reuse large parts of the game logic, controls. You’ll probably have to rework the graphics and scene construction parts, as that’s quite engine dependent.

Version control systems such as these are incremental; you get everything up to and including the month you have your subscription (re)activated.

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