UE4 source script kit for RolePlay Game like Skyrim?

Hey guys,

iam not sure if this is the right section to ask to. A friend of mine, hes into animation and myself (3d stuff) are looking for some finished coded stuff to create our own role play game like skyrim in ue4. i saw some advertising where it’s called “No coding required: If you have an idea, you can build a game.”

so i was wondering if there is any code content to create a first person role play game. it would be cool if you can tell me sth about it.

thanks so far

You could use this template for that:
But in the UE4 you dont have to use “real” coding -> everything can be done with blueprints :slight_smile: (super easy)

ok very cool. but if you say its “super easy” to do it by ourself with blueprints then we gonna take maybe this way. is there any good tutorial content nearby the “learn” tab that you would recommend?

There are some pretty good tutorials on youtube -> just search for a specific topic (e.g damage/health system,…) + use the documentation and the wiki :slight_smile: