UE4 Source on Perforce

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*"Hi guys,

I’m moving my project from 4.6.1 launcher to 4.7.3 source code and adding the plugin which requires source access. I have done the migration to 4.7.3 and merged the plugin and am running my game project perfectly.

My question is, what do I need to put onto Perforce so that the rest of my team can move forward with me? Previously I’ve just told my team to get whatever the latest was from the launcher and made sure the project file was updated, but now I’m messing with the Binaries folder and other Engine folders. I’d like to avoid throwing the entire engine onto perforce since it’s huge in comparison to my project. Exactly what files/folders do I need to put onto Perforce? What process changes will have to happen for the rest of my team to update? (i.e. do they need to download UE4 Git .zip and run Setup, or can they just download binaries and click run per normal?)"*