UE4 source doesn't build, but doesn't fail either

I’m having a strange problem compiling the UE4 source. I’ve followed the normal instructions here:

Unfortunately, when I get to the build stage, VS2015 just kind of… stops compiling. It doesn’t fail, and I can ctrl+break to stop manually. The problem is that no matter how long I let it go on, it just stops compiling on random files. It’s rarely the same file, and it’s not frozen. I’ve let the compiler run for over 20 hours, and it never continues.

Again, I feel the need to point out that the VS doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t crash, and the build doesn’t fail… progress just stops. I have no idea what’s causing this, and my project has hit a deadend where I need the source to track down a bug.

Way past that. I’ve tried rebuilding, cleaning and rebuilding, reinstalling, trying a different version of the source… nothing works. I’m worried it might be a dependency issue that is far beyond me.

Try rebuilding after a complete clean.

If it is such an issue you would NOT be getting no errors. Have you reinstalled Visual studio? If that does not solve it I am out of ideas.

Actually, for some reason, no. I haven’t done that obvious step. I’ll do that and report success or failure.

Is your project solution marked as the default startup project?

Right click on the solution and click the option to make it the default project.

Yes, I had done that. No dice. Another approach worked, I’ll make a new answer for it.

There we go. Obvious solution worked. Thanks for pointing out the step I missed, NoobsDeSroobs

Not sure what the problem was, but at NoobsDeSroobs’ suggestion, I uninstalled and reinstalled VS. Now everything works just fine.

Feel free to mark this as resolved.

If this happens again, try to go into the folder location where the VS sln is, and you’ll see an “Unreal Engine Project File”. Right click on it and select “Generate Visual Studio project files”

I’m curious if that would have worked, so please response if it happens and this works or not :slight_smile: Thanks!

Had also tried that (several times), and it also didn’t work.