UE4 source control sync issue with perforce


So we’re trying to get perforce source control running with UE4. We can see checked out files and change history but changes in blueprint are only visible after Editor Restart which is quite counter productive and irritating for developers.

I’d try to explain scenario:

P1 opens project and connects to source control. P2 opens project and connects to source control.

P1 checks out a blueprint and makes some changes. then P1 checks in the blueprint back to source control.

Now P2 wants to make some changes to that blueprint. P2 refreshes the blueprint sees exclaimation mark (showing file need to be synced). P2 Synchronizes the file and refreshes now blueprint has no mark on it showing file not synchronized. But when P2 opens blueprint it is same as before, P2 can’t see changes made by other person. P2 has to restart editor to see changes in effect.

Please help us out on this.

I am not sure if this will help or not but I always stress to my team to use the perforce client to update the local machines before opening the project to make changes. I dont know if that little difference between the way we do it and the way you are doing will work but… Give it a shot. I’ve never had trouble with any asset including blueprints following this procedure.

I was going through the documentation of perforce and Unreal and they suggested same thing. Thanks for help, we are going with this approach.
One more thing can you please help me on how to manage Intermediate and Saved folders with perforce as of now we’re not adding them in source control.

Sure thing. You will need to make an ignore file that tells perforce to ignore those folders. You will also want to add Derived Data Cache, while this does contain engine components it is still a local folder and should not be shared.
Look at this link, the example in here is similar to the one we use here at Rapaxsoft.

Thanks a lot for help man!!!