UE4, Source Control > GIT (beta version) Improvements

Point 1.
Unreal Engine V4.24.0 GIT (beta version) could use some improvements. It seems to do a reasonable job committing blueprint projects. If C++ classes are added the .cpp and .h files are marked in the repo as added, but they are not committed along with any other changes when the “Commit to Source Control” button is pressed. I had to do the GIT commit manually from outside UE.

Point 2.
If the ignored folder Saved is deleted next time the project is opened the Source Control settings have been lost, I believe the file Saved\Config\Windows\SourceControlSettings.ini" needs to be committed. There are 19 other .ini files in this folder, I do not now the workings of the system to comment on them. Maybe the whole folder Saved\Config\Windows needs to be committed.