UE4 source code (HELP ME)

I can’t seem to find the source code anywhere, I am on this site and searching for the link to download and it is not coming up.

Which link do I need to click?

Make sure your profile has your github account name.

…And that you are logged into your github account

Yea I got it and I am downloading it :slight_smile: thanks.

By the way guys just to make this clear, I am on this link and I am downloading “Unreal Engine 4.12.5” and I clicked “Source code (zip)”

So is this correct?

Yes, you can download it as .Zip

thanks it’s downloading. Nearly finished :slight_smile:

Mmmm I am having problem with this.


Run Setup.bat first, then GenerateProjectFiles.bat. Setup.bat downloads the third party dependices that UE4 needs

Install VS community 2015 (and tick the extra C++ tools) first