UE4 Source code freeze. Please help.

Hi everyone

I would like to develop with the source code but when i try to build it, it build in like 2-5 minuts and then freeze… why?
in the start i thought it just would take long with that part, but nope. I have wait in 1 and a half hour and it still didn’t do any progress

Im ussing Visual Studio 2013 express by the way.

and my pc is in the high end class so that shouldn’t be the problem.

What is the contents of your Output when you compile in Visual Studio?

I got it fixed, my antivirus (bullgaurd) blocked it.

Antivirus is normally not recommend on a dev machine.

It is recommended on any machine… You don’t want to lose your work or get it all stolen. I’m using eset and I never ever had any problems.

This isn’t 1999, viruses don’t go around deleting everything nilly willy.

Regardless, you should be excluding your UE4 dev directory from realtime virus protection.