UE4 Source Code Expert needed (personal guidance)


sporadic personal guidance for our programmer


Our programmer is working on a commandlet plugin for the Editor right now but since he is new to the UE4 source he is running in some hold points now and then. So we need someone that is experienced with the source code to point him in the right direction from time to time. You should be able to answer detail questions about certain points in the editor source code when needed. Its a sporadic job (maybe one time a week) but its important for us since it will make our programmers life a whole lot easier. The payment would be on demand and can be discussed in detail if you are interested since we dont know the usual payment for this kind of job.

Talent Required:

C++ Programmer familiar with engine source code (especially UnrealEd)



No one who could do this?

that commandlet has some bugs. without solving those bugs it will just crash. i have sent u a mail to you gmail.