UE4 Source Build crashing computer when packaging project

Lately I’ve been attempting to compile my project on Windows 64 bit, however each time I do it crashes my entire computer (blue screen). Not really sure what to do or what logs I should be looking for to help track down this error. The engine is a source build of 4.16.3, however contains no changes to the source code. I’ve had it compile correctly previously multiple times (it was only with the past couple of months I switched to source). I’m unsure of what could have possibly changed with the source (or my PC!) that would be causing this?

Edit: Found the log which can be viewed here:

I am still unsure what the issue could be.

After some research and done some digging, it looks like a hardware issue - when UE4 packages the project, CPU usage shoots up to 100%, which ends up skyrocketing my CPU temp to 99c. It seems my cooler is going bad - is there any way I can put a limit on CPU usage by UE4 in the meantime?