UE4 soft body simulation - Draw stick between two points

How to “render” stick between two points like in this video: Coding Math: Episode 37 - Verlet Integration Part II - YouTube

I know I have to use joints to connect the points and than render stick between two points.

I want to do something like that:

In js I was able to simulate it, but ue4 doesn’t have the Draw lines function.
Can someone help me please?

Most of the draw stuff is part of the debug draw.
So not avaliable when you build for shipping I don’t think.

If this is main part of the project you can probably copy the drawdebug interface into a “drawdebugcostum” that gets compiled in shipping mode too.
Probably the quickest way to draw lines from code.
You’d have to change all function names too, or you’ll cause issues.