UE4 Skeletal Mesh Merge misplaces Materials/UV's (but only sometimes).

I’ll cut to the quick. Mesh Merging at runtime for my Player Pawn skeletal mesh is working, mostly. The last remaining hiccup is that in one scene (the menu scene where customization happens) the resultant pawn looks like this

Cool! Up close, examining the skeletal mesh through the details tab, we see it is all working as intended.

Copying those parameters over into the game scene, and running a merge with the same parameters gives us the same result in the details tab.

But in the game scene itself, there’s one glaring issue.


That is NOT what the helmet should look like.

We’ve got several customization options and the pattern has been consistent. Everything else will render out just as intended in all places, but the head always seems to have its UV’s scattered, but ONLY in the game scene. The customization menu and the details tab all consistently show the correct mesh.

This texture inconsistency is happening both in a “client” and a “server” environment. So… at least it’s consistent there?

Any insight on how this may be occurring or similar issues would be appreciated. At this point I’m at a bit of a loss for where to even look.