UE4 Size


My UE4 has become 42.4GB large.
Are there some temp files or something being generated over time?
Are there some stuff that I can delete?

Is that for one version?

For me:

  • 4.10.2 is 18.2GiB and 13.2GiB disk size
  • 4.11.2 is 16.2GiB(No starter content and templates) and 10.2GiB disk size

There is a intermediates folder at “<VERSION>\Engine\Intermediate” that I assume could be deleted (would move it else where to make sure).


Yes it’s 42.4GB for one version.
If I remove the Intermediate folder the engine size would be still around 32GB.


You could use a tool like this to help find what folders are unusually large.

You could then examine what folders look overly large or export the results (grouped by folder) and I will take a look at them and compare to what I have.

By any chance: do you have additional plugins/templates/samples that may be taking up the space?


I see the new version allows you to save a binary snapshot that can be loaded later.
But it seams the exporter/importer is broken (it has a bunch of Unicode characters in the file)

The older version exports the results properly to the binary snapshot.

Just to be clear, you are talking about the engine folder itself, not a project folder correct?

On my system 4.12 located here: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.12

The total size is 18.7gb.

There shouldn’t be any files in that folder that will grow (by 20+gb) over time, data is kept in the C:\ProgramData\Epic\ folder and in the C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ folders such as \Epic Games \EpicGamesLauncher or \UnrealEngine

@ryan20fun, No I don’t have any plugins or other things. I just have about 16 projects to work with and thought maybe each project generates some temp files somewhere in the engine folder itself.
@DotCam, Yes I’m talking about the engine itself and not the projects. :slight_smile:

Going to try and compare with another engine version and see which folders have different sizes.

I highly recommend WinDirStat! It will show you exactly which folders are eating up drive space.

Engine\Intermediate\Build and Engine\DerivedDataCache are the usual suspects - they can be safely deleted, but doing so will cause a recompile or rebuld of the DDC. Still sometimes useful to do if you’ve been compiling for lots of different targets/platforms because it adds up over time.

If you’re using Github builds, one really cool thing I only just found out about is this: you can set a UE4_GITDEPS environment variable to point to a shared location for the binary git dependencies. E.g. UE4_GITDEPS=D:\MyFolderThatsNotOnAnSSD. (this folder is normally in .git\ue4-gitdeps). This saved me 7 GB in one engine directory and 10 GB in my Unreal Tournament source folder! You can also pass exclude flags to GitDependencies to further save space, e.g. -exclude=VS2010 -exclude=VS2012 -exclude=VS2013 -exclude=Win32 -exclude=Linux on a Win64 development machine with VS 2015.

All your sources need to be on SSD. There is no reason for spinny platters of rust anymore.Except perhaps for near-line backup storage that can literally power off.

Where you able to find out where that 20+gb came from? Was it from lighting builds (shouldn’t be in that folder be default, but not sure what else it could be)?


By removing the DDC and Intermediate folders it went down to 22.2GB.
My “Engine” folder alone (after I have removed those 2 folders) is 19.9GB.