UE4 Simple Turn Based Strategy (prototype)

Hi everyone,

I’m AngyReal and I’m making a turn-based strategy prototype, I’ve also included video tutorials if I can please you. I also look for someone who can translate the videos from Italian into English, for me it would be very welcome for your future interest in collaboration. Thank you for your attention and write for more info.

You can see the project here: channel youtube .

Tutorial explaining how to create our project from scratch. It’s not the rule, there are so many better ways to start creating projects with ue4, but that’s what I used to get more initial control of certain, customizable and customizable methods.

To help with translations if you are interested in my cause and if, in your opinion, it’s worth it, I accept tips for improving videos and more.

Thank you for your interest

A momentarily suspended project that I hope to resume is soon

Unfortunately I had to suspend it by force but I hope one day that I can finish it as soon as possible


nice job, unfortunately my Italian is not good enough to understand much more than ciao tutti :smiley:

Thank you for your compliments, I know a bit of English but not so much to be able to do all by yourself, unfortunately and I hope to find in the future with patience that can only contribute with the subtitles, I would not use a translator as I am doing now As I write. Surely it is not the same thing, however if you like follow the videos, maybe you understand it equally. I have noticed many videos even without audio. :slight_smile:


If it can only affect the tutorials as modules for your other types of projects, I might be able to evaluate them with subtitles in English, I’m also doing it in those already published in Italian. If you can use it to include the blueprint, For me it would be a pleasure to publish them in a new playlist with the translation but only on demand in a free way, Obviously if only interested and if necessary, send me feedback please
Hello from Angy

Hi AngyReal,

I would be VERY interested in the tutorials, but sadly don’t understand any italian.
Could you upload the project files (when finished or in stages) for us to learn from?

Ciao Hoaxx

I am filling out this file - I hope in the meantime it will be useful

I’m also presenting the translation files, subtitles in English, unfortunately I use google translate and finally I found a nice person who can do the translation, i am preparing the files in italian to put them in a server to download from the human translator
I’m also thinking of commenting in English for the next lessons and translate the names of the variables, in a last videos I repeat the flow with the variables that have changed in English

Finally, for the code I have to decide only when making it available, I have not yet thought about it. More on, I thought about it.
Or maybe I could propose it as assets, but it’s still early :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I have resumed the publication of the videos, unfortunately the Italian and English automatism is not something that can be done in a short time, but I think it is also possible for those who do not know Italian to be able to follow the videos, I can follow Russian videos in English and despite everything I can learn, it’s a matter of habit, but I admit that for many things it fails, I’m sorry is what I can now give, thanks to the patience for those who follow me


go go go… angyreal tutorials