Ue4 shortcut to launch non built project

Not sure if this is the right forum,

Is there a way i can make a short cut for a .uproject file to launch the game? I wont be able to package a project due to including a certain plugin (kinect 4 unreal) but need it to boot on launch of a machine i am using for a art installation.

if not a short cut is there a CMD command to launch the .uproject file and not open the UE4 editor? thanks!

Afaik you can right-click the file and launch the game from the context menu.

Thats true , However, im looking for an automated method so i can allow the gallery to just ‘switch on’ the power and have the OS launch the .uproject file.
This way i don’t need to deal with screens or remote management software or input devices and can make it user proof.

Im using windows 8.1 btw!

Then you may want to make a bat file or similar running this:

UE4Editor.exe MyGame.uproject

Thanks again , that will open the game in editor, is there a way to make it open in Launch game mode, as in follow the same behavior as right clicking the .uproject and selected Launch game?
But doing it through the bat file of course, not mouse cursor.

Add -game to the commandline above