I keep getting this error, i have it in conan and ark, i have reinstalled the games more then i like to admit, i have reinstalled Unreal Engine a handful of time, i have reinstalled Steam, tried different versions of Unreal Engine, 2, 3, 4. Im up-to-date on all video drivers, PC hardware drivers, I have even ran the games without Unreal installed, but I still get this error. I can run for 5 minutes to 30 minutes, but the game still crashes and gives this error or it will completely freeze the computer, then, the game will be unresponsive, and then i can close the game and control my system. This file the picture shows, is the exact same error whether it says HUNG or REMOVED, i do not get REMOVED alot, but I do get HUNG all the time. I love ARK, put in over 1200hrs, and its just getting so hard to play, I can be doing anything ingame and it will crash, standing still, harvesting, building, running, flying *Killed 3 dino’s trying to get back to my first dino on crash and killed the one too cause i couldn’t get back in time after this error crashes the game. This error, is trying to access F:\ drive, i don’t have an F: drive, never have, so its trying to find a path or file within the Unreal Engine, so a Loop hasn’t been closed some where. There is no other information on this error. I have followed all online fixes, and still crashes. These are the only 2 games, that crash on my system. I can not play Conan because its even worse for crashing then ARK, and I love ARK i just want this error to be fixed, so please let me know if this is where I try to get help on this, and NO i am not mod creating, im on a modded server, but I have played on none modded servers, and still crashed. My first server was not modded, so it didn’t matter to play with or without mods.

les bonnah

Bumping this, So, I reinstalled the game completly, went into regedit, and removed all files associated with Unreal, ARK, Shootergame, on all drives. As i had 2 steams setup on both hdd, once everything was wiped from my system, reinstalled the game, reinstalled Unreal up to date, and was able to run the game for hours, then as the days went on, this error kept showing up more and more, and i still haven’t changed nothing, just logging in same way as i did after full resintall, so, something in the codes not working, as i do a full verification of files, and same 2 files are always downloaded, which I can’t seem to figure out what they are, else id share that here too so this can be fixed. Didn’t matter what graphics card I tried, same problems on both, and same error.


So, I sorta figured a bit of this out, seems when i uninstall, “go through regedit and clear out anything regarding Unreal and ARK”, i can then, redownload and install the game. I can play for hours un-end, and i can even get a day or 2 out of gaming with no disconnections, and then bam, back to Unreal Engine hung error again. So, then I have to verify files, im good for a few minutes to get back to base, and then it repeatedly disconnects over n over again regardless of how long im playing, and usually its not for long, a few minutes at most till i reinstall this game again. I have reinstalled it and wiped from my system 3 times, going now on my 4th. So, I don’t know why these files keep getting corrupted, as im not playing on modded servers now, that seems to last longer If i don’t play on modded servers. So anyone thats reading this, this information would be great to know what to do, to stop the corruption.