UE4 shared for teams

Hi everyone,

my question is: what about teams? Is it possible to share the engine between other people (with a source control as perforce or github or others) or everyone inside the team need to pay the monthly fee?

There’s a great answer from Tim Sweeney himself on this.
Please see: Questions about subscriptions/license - UE4 AnswerHub

That is a great question. I’d also like to know what everyone is using/suggest for versioning and keeping things tied together between devs and designers, anyone want to chime in?

Edit: Thanks for that Junaili Lie.

We are using Perforce, hosted on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu Server. It works great.

License says it is per user , so i don’t think sharing 1 license across the team is fine , i think everyone needs to get a license.

reading the licence.pdf on github :

Thanks again mikepurvis! Incredibly helpful.