UE4 - Scifi Reactor Room

Something i’ve been working on over the last couple months as a personal side project. It’s just a portfolio show piece, nothing playable.

My original plan was to create the scene based on this concept from Seneca Menard:
After doing the blockout and first couple mockup props it felt a bit too crammed and claustrophobic to me so i redesigned it to be more vertical. Eventualy i drifted away from the original concept more and more, adding my own designs and getting inspired by other peoples work also.

Materials are about 50-50 unique vs. tiling. I would have done a few things differently in that regard had i checked out the workflow in Alien: Isolation and PogoP’s scifi bunk room earlier.

Texturing was done around 90% with Quixel Suite. Mostly just tweaked default ddo materials. Nothing too fancy.












What, no feedback! This was amazing :slight_smile:

Calm down, last few days were slow.

And indeed great stuff, and color palette is amazing. Old school trick but done perfectly.

That looks fantastic!

Looks really cool! :slight_smile:

Really top notch work -I really like the coloring achieved by the lighting. The lack of feedback I’m sure is due to the holidays… I’m sending this out in our community spotlight thread. -Again, great work!

This scene is looking so **** good !!!

Love it :smiley:

Excellent and THX for sharing :slight_smile:

Very nice, I absolutely love the lighting. =)

wow, do you have more of the project done yet?

I would love to see some flythrought-video :slight_smile:

I will most likely make a flythrough video since Quixel guys asked me for footage anyway. Also some tweaks to the lighting because some people reported it looks too dark and contrasty on their screens. Perhaps i will even release it for free later in the year. Just need to find time to clean up and optimize some of my hacky solutions before it’s ready for public :wink:

Fantastic work Flowneppets! The screenshots that you have provided look amazing. I am really excited to see a fly through of this. Keep up the great work!

Love the work. Scene composition is quite awesome, water is done really well. But working with your master material and Quixel Suite could hold much greater results. Taking time to work on your textures could benefit this scene greatly. The scene contrast also seems a little high, while the colors in the lighting are beautiful the high contrast and low falloffs from the light take away from the extra areas that have detail, allow more of that light to flow in the scene. Don’t be afraid to use detail normals or tileables to benefit the meshes that are closer to the shot of the camera. One other thing is that with a room with water below, and a large reactor (that would create a lot of heat) there would be moisture in the air, and water particles on the texture (check the ‘weathering’ category in Quixel dDo), it also means there would be a small light mist to the scene.a

The one major point I’d like to make is that no shadows are ever truly black. Ambient light bounces off surfaces, and in the case of a largely metallic room there are ambient falloffs.

Just some critique from one Env artist to another, the scene looks awesome overall!

  • Codekitten.

It looks Awesome!!!

I found some time over the weekend to make a short flythrough video. Enjoy!


Great work! :smiley:

I’m happy to see you took the time to make a video :smiley:

I add it to my UE4 cinematics and environments page :slight_smile:

Holly **** how did you do this?

Fantastic look from every angles :o Could have been a hollywood scifi movie. Keep up your excellent work!