UE4 - Sci Fi Corridor...

Hello. Newbie here. Getting my head around Unreal and loving the possibilities. At the moment I’m just making use of creating assets and rendering them in Sequencer, but am looking to further the experience with characters, vr, etc. Anyways, enough rambling… Here’s a scene I created as a learning exercise. The Artstation link ( ) has some additional info on how I created textures. Enjoy!





I love the last picture :smiley:

Really great!
I guess you comp-ed it in AE, right? :wink: Thanks! @macoll: I used AE to put the intro and ending titles on, yes. (and the crop). But all color was done using the post-processing volume in Unreal! :slight_smile:

really well done.

that looks pretty cool, good job. my only thoughts on how it could be better is if you increase the brightness of the emissive lights ( they look very yellow, which seems unrealistic for lighting, lights would be almost white with a yellow tint ) the way to achieve that is either by lowering your saturation in your post process volume, or in your material increasing the rbg values, basically evey rgb value should be at least 1 in order to create a bright light, then you can tweak the red and green values to give it a yellow tint, a good idea would be red 10 green 6 and blue 1 or something like that. aside from that it looks great, good job.

@ClockworkOnion: Thanks! @L04D3D: Hi! Yes, I agree with you 100%. I was aiming for something a little more stylised, however, and I liked the colorful effect when the lights were switched off :slight_smile: Thanks for your tips on emissive control… I’m like a sponge at the moment learning anything and everything I can! For these lights, I had multiplied the base white light with a 3 constant to the required colors I was aiming for.

That looks amazing :smiley: Great composition!