ue4 scale compared to real world?

Hi Guys

I’m trying to create a house based off a floor plan and I have the floor plan scaled correctly and setup a wall that was 10 meters and stretched a ue4 cube to 10 meters as the cubes are 1m x 1m

The issue is when I make the walls it doesn’t seem to be correct scale the bathroom and doorways are way to small for the character and i set the character to the archviz character.

Has anyone else noticed this? I know making a house based on the floor plan isn’t usually done but should there be such a big difference?


There is no scale compared to real world. 1 “Unreal Unit” is 1 centimeter. Everything, including player radius, is in cm. You can lower your character’s camera if things feel too short. Also make sure everything you export gets converted to centimeters.

Not sure if you read the post correctly or maybe I am not explaining properly.

What I am doing is applying a floor plan to a bsp brush

I am using a bsp cube which is 1 meter by 1 meter and the scale settings are x y z = 1 (I have loaded in the ue4 1m cube to confirm it’s 1 meter)

I set the cube to be 10 meters wide then scale the floor plan to be correct and move the wall ontop of the floor plan.

I do this for each wall but even though the wall is 10meters in real life it seems small in ue4 and using the correct dimensions according to the floor plan the bathroom walls are so small I couldn’t even walk in there let alone have enough space to move around in there.

It seems even though the bsp brush is set to the correct real world scale the player doesn’t see it as correct

Probably it’s because of the FOV setting?

For the first person character, I read somewhere on the net that UE4 default character height is close to 190cm, and the shoulder is about 90cm wide. So to me UE4 default character proportion is more like a superhero character, not normal/average people.

I also usually build the 3D houses/buildings based on the floor plan given by the architect. Sometimes UE4 default character can’t go through the door that is based on floor plan measurement. Small door (that is only 70cm wide) is a big no-no. I solved this “problem” by altering the character width via blueprint and/or lock the small doors.