UE4 - Scalability working different in engine and packaged game, why? Simple Command list

Hi, scalability settings in the engine (UE4.26) are set to High, but once I package my project, by default it doesn´t look high, it looks medium; so I changed scalability manually by clicking High in the packaged version and now, the game looks better, almost like the engine project set to high. but why?


Why Unreal Engine packaging doesn’t respect the correct scalability from the engine and how to avoid downgrade differences? should I package in Epic to get High? I find the documentation related to scalability settings very confusing, do you know a simple list of all Scalability settings like:

Low: r.PostProcessAAQuality 0
Medium: r.PostProcessAAQuality 2
High: r.PostProcessAAQuality 4
Epic: r.PostProcessAAQuality 6 (Epic based on documentation and BaseScalability.ini)

Still, the main issue is: If I use “r.PostProcessAAQuality 6” I don’t get Epic, I get High (by comparing the packaged game to the engine viewport set to high); and If I set High in the engine, I get medium after packaging the project… crazy, please help

Could it be that your machine spec is on the edge of running your project on Epic?

The packaged project will automatically adjust depending on machine response. You can set it on Epic, but it will still tweak the settings if it senses the hardware struggling ( I think ).

Nop, gaming PC… I can play Red Redemption 2 at max like a charm.

Strange… :thinking:

Now I’m thinking, my best option is to set all the default scalabilities when the game starts… if not, I can’t guarantee the default quality for clients, but… I still would like to know why the engine settings do not match when I package it, maybe there is an extra setting for packaging.

I don’t think there’s an extra setting. But it is a good idea to specifically either set Epic, or run the test node on the user’s machine to see what it can handle, and set that. ( can’t recall the name right now ).