UE4 root motion animations to UE5

Hi, i’ve recently migrate my UE4 project to UE5.
Unfortunately, my animations dont work anymore, as i can see there is some problem with root motion, because my character is stuck in place. Im using UE4 mannequin skeleton, i tried to retarget animations to UE5 skeleton but with no luck.
I’ll really appreciate any help or tips, because i have a lot of animations and i wish to continue my work in UE5

Howdy teddolek1, thank you for posting your question and welcome to the Unreal community.

I have encountered this recently as well. After retargeting a UE4 skeleton and anims to UE5, I noticed the RootMotion was not working either. I found a neat thread that gives credit to this YouTube video. I tried it for myself and it solved the problem I was having on my end too.
Credit to muchogrande for finding this video and kudos to Teella Blood for making it.

Teella Blood: UE5 IK Retarget with Root Motion

WARNING: This is an external link and as the end user, you are responsible should something happen to your device when you choose to click a link or follow steps that are not endorsed by Epic.

I hope this helps