UE4 Rising water + rain

Hi Guys,

I’ve jut got UE4 through my university and have decided to make my final year project game in it. My game will be based around the effects of Flash Flooding, I was wondering if there are any tutorials out there for raising the height of water within a level over a period of time as this will be one of the main mechanics within my game. So far I have been unable to find anything about this kind of thing.



You can easily do that with a bp. Just create a water plane - create a new actor bp - add the water plane under the component tab - use the “move component to” node to move your mesh -> you can also change how fast it will raise + when + you can also stop it :slight_smile:

You probably also want a camera/fog volume that is locked to the area below the water geometry, to make it so that the camera below the surface has a lot higher “fog” density (so you don’t see as well/far.)