UE4 Rigs, Maya Rigging Tools and engine Ik.

Hey guys

Just a little confused as to the workflow for creating a rig for use in UE4 with engine IK. I’ve looked at the skeleton of the mannequin in game and have seen that has bones for ik setup. The rigging and animation tools for Maya do not seem to create these bones and I can not find any documentation on this. Are these bones later created in UE4 when setting up IK or do they need to be pre-existing. I looked up the mixamo FBX for UE4 skeleton and it also has the exisiting joints.

Any insight, tutes, documentation ect would be a great help.



You need to create bones in external program. To learn to handle ik check Owen’s animation blueprint in content examples

Take a couple hours and watch this tutorial:
It’s 2d and an Overview, but I found it to be very informative.
Good Luck!

Thanks guys, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think what the original poster is asking about is not bones in particular, but IK bones. The tutorials above are great, but do not explain Inverse Kinematics. I too
am curious about IK, and it seems that the smoothest rigs use it. Is it simply a matter of adding left/right hand and feet bones and assigning them in Unreal to do the rest?
I’m not sure what skin weighting would be required for IK bones.