[UE4] Research Facility - Office Area

Interior environment.

Most of the assets come from “The Corridor” tutorial (worldofleveldesign.com).
The remaining ones were modeled in Maya and textured in Photoshop and nDo.
This environment is still WIP and what is shown here was made in 3 days, so still lots of work to do.

I plan to change the trees, plantas, probably the floor material, surrounding buildings. I also want to make a city which would be visible throught the windows, partially hidden by fog. I’ll play with the light (4.16 volumetric light, I want to try it), add some particles. The empty space in front of the elevators will be filled with reception desks and some info signs.

This is part of a research facility in a near future (not very futuristic at the moment :slight_smile: ) building in a semi-decadent atmosphere. I don’t want it to be trashed or abandoned, just a bit neglected and in need of maintenance.

Suggestions, comments ?


PS - I tried to embed a video but it’s not showing up. Anyone sees it?

This is awesome! Love the vents on the ceilings and the sidewall registers - good touch!

It looks really nice! The only criticism I have is the red text is a bit too bright/vibrant compared to the rest of the level and really sticks out (in a not so good way), especially in the first 3 pictures. I’d recommend changing to a lighter, more faded red, or perhaps match it with the rest of the text by making it white.

The rest of the level is quite nice - I’m especially digging the orange lighting in the last picture, its really cool!

I can totally see a mech crashing through the ceiling glass. :wink: