UE4 Replication setup question

So I recently started working on online multiplayer in my already somewhat built couch coop shooter game. It’s been rough so far but I have a very basic lobby system and online multiplayer system that somewhat works. The problem is that for some reason, replication is acting funny for me. Let me break it down:

In my main character’s blueprint class, I have this:

the stuff on the left happens whenever the player moves their mouse. This includes rotating the player’s head to track the mouse. The stuff on the right is supposed to move and rotate the player’s hands to orbit the player when they pick up a weapon. Both of these things combined make up an “aiming” system. When I play the game (2 windows play as listen server instances), host on the host instance and connect using client instance, and get into the game, this is what it looks like when I go to their debug screens:

Player_001(host) server to server (circled in red) works just fine.

Player_002(client) does nothing.

client 0 for player_001(host) does nothing

client node to client node (in the player_002(client) blueprint)

I’m still pretty new to replication but I feel like I definitely forgot something obvious here. Yes, I did enable “component replicates” and enabled replication on the appropriate blueprints and whatnot. The top custom event is set to Run on Server and the bottom custom event is set to run on owning client.

What I want out of this is that when I move the client’s hands and aim in their own game, it replicates to the server. Currently it seems like the things that are happening in the client’s blueprint (Player_002) aren’t changing on the server level and I don’t know how to fix this. I haven’t set up any repnotify stuff or anything really fancy.

Any/all help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much! :slight_smile: