UE4 - Reflections - Student Project

Here’s the trailer for our Game “Reflections”.

We worked for 3 month with a team of approximately 10 student of NAD and UQAC working entirely in blueprints in unreal 4.

The game was made for Android and is a multiplayer game for 2 players.
Hope you like it!

The line between student and professional projects is becoming increasingly blurred! -I’m really blown away by the stylized artwork both by the originality and execution as well as the original co-op team effort game play. Any plans on releasing this for sale?

We don’t plan on releasing it for sale yet but we would like to push it further during the summer and then maybe release it on the app store. There is still some work we would like to do on some of the mechanics we had to cut in order to make this game in 3 month also the connection between players works only via local network and it would be nice to expand and work on different ways to connect. Overall we’re really happy of what we ended up with considering that for all of us it was our first game production and we learned unreal 4 and the Android pipeline as we went. We were happily surprised of the very little limitation we had working for mobile in UE4.

This reminded me a bit of Alice in wonderland: Madness returns and I love it. I would certainly be interested in purchasing if it was made available :slight_smile: