UE4 RED Game crash on launch - fatal error

I keep getting UE4 fatal error upon launch of Dragon Ball Fighter Z. My gpu is more than capable of handling this game as is the rest of my system. (GeForce 2070S. i7 10th gen cpu, 32gb ram, etcd.) The crazy part is that I just played this game on another PC with a less capable gpu. (AMD Radeon 5700XT, AMD Ryzen 3700x) and the game worked perfectly. I can’t understand what the problem is I have literally tried everything. I’ve run the game in windowed, i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled graphics card drivers several time, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled direct X and everything else. I even reinstalled Windows. There’s literally no real reason I shouldn’t be able to play this game I purchased. I can play any other type of game with no issue (i.e. CyberPunk, Cuphead, DCUO, COD, Warframe, etc.) I can literally play my Playstation through a capture card on my PC and experience 0 lag. I can’t see a possible reason this is happening. Again, i’ve tried all basic fixes like deleting app data folder, etc. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any.

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hey mate i was just wondering if u found a fix to this problem cause i got the exact same one and just like you i tried everything
give been recommended but nothing seems to work.