UE4 - Real Time 3D Product Customization System For The Web (HTML5)

Hello, everyone, I wanted to share with you guys a personal project I been working on.
It’s a Real-time 3D Product Customization System For The Web created using #UnrealEngine](#unrealengine - Explore) 4, #JavaScript](#javascript - Explore), #CSS](#css - Explore) and #HTML5](#html5 - Explore)

Down below you can find a link to the project to enjoy the full experience.

Feedback and criticism are appreciated

Project features:

  • Custom Progress Bar
  • Custom Reflection
  • Real-time Modular Object
  • Communication between the Unreal engine and the browser

Make sure to open the project link on a Computer.
Project link: Real-Time Product Customization System


Portfolio: ArtStation - Ayoub Attache

In Firefox and Chrome :confused::frowning:

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