UE4 Raytrace Archviz Interior | Realtime GI, Reflection, Shadow | no bake | RTX 2080 ti

Hi guys,

Testing DXR cababilities on 4.22.3 with fully dynamic level.(no bake)
Realtime GI, Shadow and reflection activated.
Raytraced translucency disabled. (cant manage refract/ior)

Looking great. I’m planning to play around with ray-tracing as well once the issues with translucency have been fixed.

another test :

hi guys just first try 4.23.0 p1
i think hdribackdrop must have brightness and contrast settings for hdr. The desired lighting mode seems difficult to capture without these settings.(compared with 4.22.3 level)


adding contrast isn’t difficult. thanks for the suggestion i will see what i can do

Fps are very low.

thx! u know i talking about settings like bp_lightstudio. if we have these settings, we can play with the values of the hdr image we want to reach the lighting mode more easily.

correct. its just a few nodes in the master material. i already made modifications locally :slight_smile:

one more feedback? :smiley: i dont know doable or not… just suggestion.(btw i’m not dev)

I’ve done a lot of tests on Raytrace in 4.22.3, but I get constant noise in reflection, refraction and rtgi. I know I need to increase the number of samples to fix this (or we should use a good advanced rt denoiser parameters)

can we create RT settings group to sequencer export > u know i want to be use different settings on animation export. (rtgi , reflection, translucency bounce and samples)

I naturally have big contractions when I apply high sample and bounce settings from the post process. for this, I think we need a set of different RT settings that controlled these sample values during export animation.

I also think we need a system that applies all “RT sample parameters” for each frame and passes it to the next frame. (we use in sequencer export settings like: warmup frame count, delay every frame, delay before warmup etc. )

Most of my 4K 60 fps attempts could not be completed. (crash or noisy) if we can apply the features specified during export as stable, it will be indispensable for archviz users like me.

system spec : RTX 2080ti, 48GB ram and 5820K


Hi guys! I’ve got such a problem, maybe someone’s know what to do?

Hey, guys.
Developed light studio setup for Unreal Engine 4.24
Link project: