ue4 rant

This is too funny

Sounds to me like he needs to go out more often :stuck_out_tongue:

Kill it…lol

My ears :frowning:

I think… and hope, it’s a troll video.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets removed due to the amount of swearing…ect but I want to point out a couple things, 1: the guy seems to be hamming it up a lot(reminds me of the britney spears video, you all know the one I mean), 2: he doesn’t know what he’s on about as at the beginning he says UE3 and he doesn’t actually mention UE4 at any point:p

Proof of a genuine Unity fan.

ShadowKindGames in disguise lol

Meh copycats are never funny. Britney Spears fan was first and funny, and authentic, this one reeks of fake created for youtube only.

Do any of you have this “add music” in the youtube bar? What’s up with that

That’s insulting!. What have I said that warrants a dig?

I heart UE4 long time, I have a mug and everything to prove it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was not prepared for that. Thank God my volume was low. =O

I think my ears are bleeding now.

I had to pick someone that uses both engines :stuck_out_tongue: no hard feelings.

Not out of choice :D, just finishing off transporting things from one to the other. As long as I can poke fun back? :D, no hard feelings.

But then he’d probably end up on a corner yelling about the end of the world and selling foil hats, I reckon we’re better off with him online and inside. :slight_smile:

See, I was right.

i think , it’s this guy on this old video , young deutch gamer is playing to Unreal Tournement


See. Health Insurance is *sooo *important.


his voice is like little squirt puffs coming out of a fairy’s cute little nosey.