UE4 questions

I’m thinking about getting a UE4 subscription, but I have a couple of questions… First of all, can I run it ? I have an i3-2120@3.3Ghz, 4gb DDR3 RAM and 1gb DDR3 GTS450. I know it’s a pretty slow configuration but it used to run UDK fine and many people with slightly better computers are saying they’re running it fine. Another question is about payment. Will it accept a credit card outside of the US and europe ?
Do you think this is the engine I need to pick ? I had some experience with UDK (a pretty basic one) and other game engine like Cryengine 3 (Free SDK) and Unity, I can work with Kismet in UDK and I watched some Blueprint videos and it seems to be pretty similar, I can use 3d Modeling software like Maya, 3ds Max and blender, but in the programming department I don’t know how to program in C++ (the only language I know is Pascal, the basic level of it which we learned at school).
I know I only need to use Blueprint to avoid scripting in levels and all, but is it possible to go even deeper (like changing the game rules and making modes that are not first person shooters…) without C++ knowledge ?

I can’t speak to your system specs as if they will run it or not completely, but it would probably perform poorly if it runs. The ram and the gpu are below minimum. You probably would want to upgrade. I think Epic is giving refunds to people if they can’t run it, but its probably really better just to upgrade your system if it doesn’t.

Yes, you can create almost anything you like in Blueprints. UE4 doesn’t assume you will be making a fps and there are templates to start you out in a few different setups out of the box, such as sidescrolller and 3rd person besides first person.

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