UE4 project to UE5 project Floats crashing Project

All of the pins that are red is a float from UE4 but they are not floats because they have been converted to a “tan” float. is there a way to make the “tan” floats back to just float.
This custom event crashes my project if I
-delete it
-change the floats
-copy and paste it
-refresh it

Hello and welcome back.

Your event may be trying to use the older math nodes for your floats. You may need to re-create the event in UE5 as the nodes may be incompatible with the new engine. The same could be said for your other math variables.

I will leave the documentation on nodes if you feel inclined to read a refresher.

I hope this documentation assists you.

Just for your Questions, why this is happening:

In UE5, floats are not really floats anymore. UE5 declares them as floats, but they are actually doubles.
So, your events try to convert the inputs and outputs from float to double, what fails.

Same goes for every operator Node.
You f.e. don’t have multiply(int), multiply(float), multiply(Vector)…etc anymore.
UE5 now uses wildcard Operators.
Means… Just “Multiply” not fixed to a specific type.

In both cases, the conversion from UE4 to UE5 fails.

Never, directly convert your Projects in Place. For now, you need to create a blank new UE5 Project.
Open your older Project with UE4 again. Select EVERYTHING in the Content Browser, rightclick and “Migrate” the Content to your new UE5 Project.
It is not safe or sure, that every conversion in Migration works… But it is less prone to Errors.