UE4 project and Frontend freezing on Windows (8.1)

I used the UE4 yesterday without any big problem, and today when i launch my project, Unreal Frontend or an exemple project it works 5-15 seconds without being laggy, then it suddently freezes and uses 20% of my processor.
Then I must force close the engine/frontend with the task manager.

I have a laptop with an intel i7, a Geforce GTX 770M and 8Go of RAM.
I’ve done nothing special last time I closed the engine.

Please help! :frowning:

Hi Hexabeast…

While I cannot help you directly, I was having the exact same problems with win8.1. I tried updating drivers and all sorts of things to resolve it. Ended up going back to windows 7 and it has been stable on win7 for me.
Intel i5, GTX 770, 16gb ram.

Thanks, but if there is another easier way to make the engine work, it would be really nice.
I updated drivers and the engine continue to freeze, like in your case. Last time I tried to launch my project the freeze was caused during the project selection…
Is it a known problem? And will it be fixed soon?
I hope I won’t be obligated to downgrade my OS…

Hi everyone,

Please post your question here to so we can better assist you with your problem. Thank you and have a great day!


Thanks for the link, but it’s solved now: I just uninstalled the Tegra developper thing and now it works fine.