UE4 Programming Online Multiplayer FPS - $25/hr+$1,000 Completion Bonus

Hello, I’m looking to create a game, and I’m searching for the right person to take my idea from concept to production.

Before I go into details about the project, there are a few foundational elements that I would need to know that you are capable of creating:

  1. Installing Assets for UI and Gameplay
  2. Integrating Matchmaking & Leaderboards (network code is already finished)
  3. Friends List/Messaging
  4. Weapons Balancing
  5. Easy to Extremely Difficult Bots (not based on damage/health)
  6. UI Tournament Brackets with in-game player registration
  7. in-game microtransaction

If you meet these qualifications, please send me your profile of other games you have created so I can see the quality of your work.
If I like your style of development, we can move forward and discuss the concept much more.
As mentioned in the title, the pay is $25 dollars to the hour, and if you finish the job in not too many hours, I will throw in a extra $500-$1000 dollars to make it worth your time.

If you feel like this is a project you are able to complete, and would like to make a counteroffer, please don’t hesitate to message me.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Thanks for your time!

DM me on discord: Cloud Darkson#6692

This will be a multiplayer focused arena shooter


  • Ranking
  • Matchmaking
  • Tournament Prizes

Team Name:
Cosmic Perspective Studios

Previous Work: