UE4 Programmers/Developers


We are looking for experienced Programmers/Developers who can lay the foundations for our grassroots, UE4 revival of the old CoD4/MW2 games. We will be removing all the ■■■■■■■■ like Painkiller and Last Stand, overpowered Grenade Launchers and insane killstreaks - not to say we’ll gut it all.

The main focus of this project is to create a solid, chaotic and fast paced online FPS game that brings Aim Down Sights back to the forefront. There is already too many you ask? Not really. Right now, there is only PUBG with the fast paced ADS gameplay. CoD does not count because it is an overpriced rehash year after year. Our game is aiming for a budget release, at $9.99 per copy, possibly further discounted.

Our game will be:

-Very fast TTK, 3 shots to kill on most guns, 4 at range.

-Quick health regen for killing enemies.

-Snowball Effect killstreaks which slightly boost the users speed/ADS time/mobility per kill they get

-Good maps with minimal chokepoints

-Server browser and community servers

-Amazing netcode

-Once we reach that point, solid Anticheat

So, do you think you can help us achieve the above?

If you are experienced, and have a knack for FPS games and want to see a COD4/MW2 style rehash on Steam…please read on.

The post is $20 per hour. You will be given a bunch of tasks to complete and supervise, as there are many amateurs and hobbyists in the project who want to help in any way they can.

Our original Lead developer has had to leave the project due to his personal issues - and now he wishes to do a complete handover (right now we have first person view models, ADS animation, full FPP/TPP sprint/crouch/jump animations, basic scoreboard and PerForce as our version control).

We will be using this prototype to pitch to our business partners who are very eager to break the EU/NA FPS market with an ADS title - they have identified this market gap and because they know us for a very long time, they want us to head the project.

So why are we here? Well, we’ve secured the first round of funding, which is $2,000 exactly. It isn’t much, but it is simply to make a fun to play prototype. Once we secure our second round of funding for proper, fully-fledged Professional development of our game (called Valor Prime) we will certainly keep in touch. We want to start from the ground up, and the only way we can make a successful game is with developers who know how to properly use UE4.

Join here if interested and you have the experience to back it up, please post in the #join_dev_team channel: Discord

HI is this position still available?