UE4 Programmer (BP or C) and 3D artist Needed - Short exciting project.

Hello everyone,

I’m Alex, a game developer looking to put together a couple of people for a short game project. We’ll be working to create a short prototype of a new, fun, competitive game.
Many more details on the game as you get involved however its a new idea and something I’m very excited about.

Small game details : 3D birds eye view, Boats, naval combat, ranks and loot!

For a 3D artist:

  • Good understanding of a low poly workflow to UE4 including textures.
  • Good Topology and clean meshes.
  • Some form of portfolio ready to show me.

For a programmer:

  • Good understanding of UE4’s core systems to create a basic prototype.
  • Clean coding practises regardless of BP or C coding.
  • Able to actively code Ai, and simple dynamic systems.
  • Able to use Git.
  • BOUNS : Network and steam integration knowledge.

This is a game concept I am very excited for and I cannot wait to get some people involved. If you looking for a short fun project this is the place to be.
I would love your active thoughts and input to help shape the game too!

Please add my Discord: Beckstation#2798 ← Preferred faster contact.

Or email : beckstation101@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon,