UE4 Programmer and 2D/3D artists Needed!

Hello everyone!

I’m Alexander, a game developer looking for members to get involved in an online survival based game.
The game will include procedural generation of cities and suburb areas including their interior and build-able areas.

As a programmer on this project you will be working to create a range of systems. You will need to give updates on all work done and make use of work tracking tools such as Trello for progress logging. You will work in a small team to create an enjoyable game for the end user. Some skills needed include:

  • Procedural generation of buildings/terrain with variables such as interior or build-able zones in a building.

  • AI programming.

  • Basic online programming with steam and hosted servers.

  • General survival games aspects such as inventories and pickups.

  • Vehicle systems/ride-able objects.

For any 2D Artists, you must have experience in creating UI elements or inventory icons and symbols.
Portfolio must be shown.

For 3D artist:

  • Low poly game ready workflow.

  • UV mapping and good quality textures.

  • Semi-realistic art style.

  • Experience in creating buildings and interiors. Weapons, vehicles, Characters and general props.

Everyone on the team will be expected to hit various deadlines however we’ll be flexible and understanding of IRL situations.
Paypal will be the only way of payment and a contract will be signed.

We have an INDIE budget, nothing crazy. Please be understanding of this when applying we’re able to adjust payments for each members requirements.

**To apply, please directly contact me on Discord as this will be our online workspace. **


I cannot wait to hear from you all, thanks for reading!

  • Alexander

Hi Beckstation,

I sent you a contact request on Discord (donzen#1202)