[UE4] Prison

Hi guys.
Small experiments with UE 4. My main goal was created the prison based on walking dead film but not exactly identical.\

Wow. Marketplace Asset?

Awesome work! The lighting is really nice.

Awesome!! :smiley:

The lighting makes it feel like Alcatraz!

It does look like in TWD. Good job!

amazing, I love the lighting, you should turn this into a full fledged game

The first thing i thought when i saw the screenshot load was, thats the prison from Walking Dead haha.

Will you be doing the entire complex or just the interior?

Keep up the fantastic work!

I love the lighting and shadowing you have here man. The whole mood is amazing. Great work.

Super duper nice! Minimalistic and yet very realistic.

Saw the title as “[UE4] Prison”, saw first screenshot and thought “Looks like a screen capture from the walking dead…oh wait…that’s in engine?!”

Seriously amazing stuff. And I saw this at the perfect time, listening to creepy music, so I really got that walking dead vibe. I was half expecting to see Daryl standing up the top of those stairs with his crossbow, and Rick holding a baby.

wicked sick! What are you planning to do with it?

Hi, sorry but the last few days I have been offline:) Thanks for all your comments. “What are you planning to do with it?” This is a good question:) for this moment nothing, because I have lack of time for everything. Time will tell :slight_smile:

Very good. This was a name I pick back in 09 when I 1st played fallout3. Made a mod called Prison and edens was like the warden who was usin the tech that zimmerman made to make him become a man from the underground rr. Made a huge prison with navmeshes and voice over dialoage systems etc. the cpu screwed up lost a yrs worth of modin. Very good job