Ue4 prereq setup_x64.exe Error 0x80070643

Whenever I install an unreal game or the launcher i get an error about ue4 prereq setup.msi. Ran the launcher, and that’s the error i get when I hit cancel. Looking for any help I can get.

As an example, I Installed dreadnought, and even though i got the error, the game still launches and runs fine.link text

anyone here?

Incase anyone is still paying attention to this, and i doubt it, I moved past looking for the .msi file. Deleting ANYTHING related to UE4Prerequisites in the registry cleared that up, so now im able to instal the x86 variant. I still CANNOT install the x64 variant, though now it just tells me it cant uninstall it, so it fail (kinda dumb).

Any bloody help would be nice.

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