UE4 PopcornFX Plugin 1.0.0 Released !

Jmeletou2014, merci de la part de la communauté française, Thanks from the french community.

Quick update on the UE4 PopcornFX Plugin latest releases:

I made ​​two videos in French on PopcornFx editor and integration with Unreal engine 4

The plugin is now visible on the UE4 Marketplace (Which still redirects to our internal store) !

You can now see it on the Epic Games Launcher and on

Hope you guys will have fun with it !


Does anyone know if PopcornFx plays well with Sequencer and Matinee for rendering? I mean, rendering to a movie file, where the game will not be running real-time as the frames are recorded.

I know that to date Unreal’s media framework can’t be used this way because the media assets expect the game to be running to be in sync. The fact that it was designed assuming the use case would always be real time (amongst other needs for improvement) is implying a complete rework right now.

Knowing that Popcorn has it’s own runtime on the back end has me worrying that it won’t work for movie rendering. For me, it would be fundamental that it did, else I would not be buying.

Can anyone that has tried this confirm it works? Thanks!

Hi Diego,

As for offline purposes, we have an experiemental frame exporter directly in the PopcornFX editor (not exposed to the public) which works fine, so that should definitely work.
For specific questions, feel free to use our answerhub (


I bought a licence and did some tests, as the plugin seemed very promising. I can confirm that it works perfectly well for rendering on sequencer. Thank you!