UE4 Plugin: Le Http Request 4.17 version

The developer of the Le Http Request 4.17 plug-in has already uploaded it to the marketplace a week ago. There is still no way to download the latest version compatible with 4.17. I’m waiting about 10 days for a new version. Time goes and the development stands still. Is it possible to speed up processing process in the marketplace? I urgently need this plug-in to release the project on a new Unreal Engine and get rid of a number of errors in the previous UE4 4.14-4.16 version.

Why does it take so long to approve a simple plugin?

Nonsense, it’s been 2 weeks and the plug-in is still on verification in the Marketplace. There is no reaction from the developer, if you do not know how to work with the store entrust this work to outside organizations.

I see that your eagerness to work has subsided, you began to **** on third-party developers and their support.